Sunday, May 22, 2011

Jill Fink

Jill Fink with her Gold 50cm Haut à Courroies, Palladium Hardware


  1. Im not sure its a 50 or 40, bcuz Sonam Kapoor's in 50 looks alot bigger than this one.

    And im really confused about HAC 40, why some ones 40 look wider (Brooke Shields in Black, Kimora Lee Simmons in Croc and Angelo D'Agostino's in Black ), but some look taller(Ardsongkram's in blue, the Za Guy's blue one...)?

    And Ive seen 2 kinds of tall on the internet, some say its 35cm, some say in 38cm.

    Im totally confused.....

    so mysterious.

  2. It's tough to judge sizes from mere photos. Sometimes I may be wrong. Nothing beats going to Hermes to check it out.